An introduction to the skills offered by Westwood Rock…


Westwood Rock is a high-tech consultancy offering all aspects of electronic product design and IP development including firmware, hardware, software and system design services.

The skills section of our website is normally out of date and tackling new problems is one of our strengths, so it’s always worth calling us to discuss your requirements.

Our core generic skills include:

  • Hardware Description Languages including VHDL and VERILOG.
  • Software languages including C/C++/C#, Assembly, .Net VB, WPF, XAML, JavaScript, HTML etc.
  • Microprocessor, microcontroller and DSP.
  • User Interfaces.
  • Digital System Design.
  • Analogue Design and Simulation.
  • RF design including printed component design and high-speed PCB layout.
  • Fibre Optic Links.
  • EMC including PCBs, enclosures and qualification testing.
  • Design to meet stringent approvals such as used in medical, aerospace and defense.
  • Hardware/Software Design Verification including formal verification.
  • Drafting patents to protect your IP and the assessment of your competitors’ patents.
  • Technical writing.

As well as our core skills we can provide:

  • Concept to product design.
  • Project management.
  • Production engineering.
  • Technical authoring of marketing materials, manuals and white papers.

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