IoT – Internet of Things


We have existing designs and software ready to accelerate your time to market, including:

  • Circuit designs
  • RF solutions
  • Embedded software
  • Server applications
  • Hosting solutions
  • Mobile applications including iOS and Android

Westwood Rock: IoT - the Internet of Things

In more detail our experience includes:

  • Power supply, battery selection, charger and low power design
  • Safety critical designs and approvals (e.g. medical, aerospace and military)
  • Microcontroller, microprocessor or full computer subsystem (e.g. COM Express)
  • Programmable logic selection and HDL design (e.g. FPGAs)
  • RF design and approvals for ISM, RFID, WiFi, Bluetooth, NFC and  mobile networks
  • Sensor design including small signals and low noise
  • High voltage and high current safety, switching and control
  • Controlling and designing user interfaces including touch screens and LCD displays
  • Camera, video processing, compression, streaming and display design
  • Audio microphones, compression, streaming, amplifier and speaker design
  • Semiconductor design, verification and manufacture
  • Encryption and authentication.
  • High speed design, fibre optic links and control
  • Product safety and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) approvals
  • Design for harsh environments
  • Design and component selection for high volume and off-shore manufacture
  • Industrial design

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