Harsh Environments

One of the harshest environments to operate in is in space.

Satellite Development

We were responsible for designing the FPGA and associated circuitry using a radiation hardened (rad-hard) FPGA for communications satellite. This was the first time that the company who had engaged us had used a rad-hard FPGA in one of their satellite developments.


Sand, Sea and Salty Air

Anyone that has worked with electronic equipment that is exposed to sea water whether at sea or on the coast, will be well aware of how much damage it can do. We have developed electronic systems for such environments including a communication system for use on high speed RIBs.

Outside Broadcast

Outside broadcast cameras and systems are exposed to the extremes of weather, baked in the desert, frozen in the Antarctic and of course can be doused with salt water too!  We have developed outside broadcast equipment capable of tolerating these extremes.