Application Development


Nowadays the word app is synonymous whether talking about the latest download for a mobile device, an interactive website or a software program that runs from a desktop.

The development team at Westwood Rock have been producing apps or software solutions for web, mobile and desktop for well over a decade. The solutions we offer include standalone business service applications, consumer applications, consumer front ends to your smart IoT devices, or perhaps you need an admin dashboard to manage a whole network of devices, or maybe you want to display your data in a meaningful and interactive way, the possibilities are almost as limitless as your imagination.

By having a development team in-house we believe that we can offer something unique, our electronics engineers can be writing firmware and embedded software for a prototype device, while the development team are perfectly placed to write the software applications that will be integrating with that device to gather meaningful data or provide a customer-facing management hub.

This alignment enables our teams to collaborate effectively and efficiently at every step of the process, problems can be identified and handled early on in real-time and solutions can be found more readily through this joined-up approach.

But if you just want a standalone piece of software, no gadgets or gizmos we can do that too.